Remember you can do corrections on any daily assignment earning a score lower than 77%. (Assuming the assignment was turned in on time)
Turn the assignment in as usual to be recorded, and when the paper is returned complete and submit corrections.

Corrected assignments are graded as follows:
  • earn a half point for each properly corrected question
  • final score is an average of the origninal score and the corrected score
  • final score is posted in Skyward with a code COA showing that assignment was corrected

Corrections must be submitted prior to the chapter test.
  • Example: A score of 75% is earned on an assignment. Corrections are being completed and the chapter test is on Friday. The corrections must be in by Thursday to receive credit. No exceptions.
  • Late work may not earn points for corrections.
  • The sooner corrections are completed the more benefit a student can gain as all assignments are cumulative in nature.